Webhooks unavailable

Major incident API
2022-10-18 17:25 PDT · 13 hours, 46 minutes



At approximately 7:25pm CST on Oct 18th, an update was applied to the RaiseDonors application which updated the database schema. This change caused a break in the API as the API was unaware of the database schema changes. Additionally, the schema changed a breaking change in the queue service used to process web-hooks.
Services were restored to the API last night at approximately 10:45pm CST.

Web-hooks were successfully processed through the queue and we thought all systems were operational. Unfortunately, there was a persistent issue with web-hooks related to donations. The web-hooks were queued up and marked as undeliverable.

This morning we identified and addressed the donation web-hooks. All web-hooks are now processing normally. And any missed web-hooks have been released and processed.

You will not have any missing web-hooks; donation specific web-hooks were delayed until approx 09:11am CST today.

October 19, 2022 · 08:05 PDT

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